Watson and his littermate Sherlock came in as bottle babies - pulled off a porch in a bad apartment complex situation. They were only a few days old. We bottle fed them along with 5 more babies that came in a few days later. Sherlock developed some severe gastric issues including an abdominal wall hernia and early mega colon, so we made the call that he would stay. He and his brother were very bonded, so we decided not to separate them.  Watson is one of the sweetest boys. He dearly loves to have what we call ABF time, where he curls up in Matt's arms in the evenings while we relax, usually with his head turned upside down in some form.  This created such adorable photo opportunities that Mimi could not resist, and one photo ended up showing an image of an "Angry Bunny Face" if you look at it right! 


DATE OF BIRTH: 7-25-2014
PERSONALITY:  Sweet and Cuddly
QUIRKS & HABITS: Sleeps upside down whenever possible
GOTCHA DATE: 7-31-2014

Theresa Shaw