Twilight was brought into a clinic where Mimi worked in early 2011. She found as a stray and tested a light positive for Feline Leukemia.  The test was not done exactly to standard though, so Mimi stepped up and volunteered to take her home (the clinic was going to euthanize on the spot). A test sent off to the lab showed she was actually negative, and a repeat test a year later confirmed that again.  We placed Twilight in a home once, but she was very intimidated by the 3 year old child, and so she was returned.  She really does not do well here at the Commune.  She is not a fan of other cats and would be much happier as an only cat or maybe with just one other cat in the household. We would love for her to go to an adoptive home, but until that home comes along, she is more than welcome here at the Commune! 


DATE OF BIRTH: 10-27-2009
PERSONALITY: Loves people, hates cats
QUIRKS & HABITS: walks around incessantly growling at any cat that gets close
GOTCHA DATE: 5-1-2011