3D is the mama of the *only* litter of kittens ever born here at the Commune to date. She was found already pregnant in a parking lot in south Houston right after we moved here in 2011 and before we had any connections in the area. With the move and all she ended up too far along for me to be ok with a pregnant spay, so we let her have her kittens. She had 5 – one solid white at birth, one grey and white, and 3 black. The white one, Yeti, turned into a STUNNING snowshoe and lives with a friend in north Texas now. The grey and white is our Gandalf the Grey – he was meant to be here with his insane heart murmur. The 3 black kittens we called Wakko, Yakko, and Dot. Having no connections at the time, and with the difficulty of adopting black cats out, they also stayed. 3D got her name because Matt has had 2 previous black cats named Dave – the first was even female. The second was male and Matt called him Davus Secundus. This girl became Davus Tertius, or 3D. She is a tiny girl, weighing in at about 7 pounds. She loves to have her tummy rubbed and loves to be outside. She has a squeaky little voice and demands that Matt pet her quite often. She is of course fixed now, as are all her children.


DATE OF BIRTH: 6-25-2010
PERSONALITYFriendly to people, talkative, defensive to other cats, territorial
QUIRKS & HABITSLOVES to play in the cat (bird) baths in the cat enclosure - rolling around and upside down! Hides in the bedroom under the dresser and smacks other cats when they walk in, Pushy about getting her attention from Daddy every morning
GOTCHA DATE: 3-25-2011