In 2007, we received a call that a former foster had been released to a city shelter.  We went to pick her up and the young man at the shelter begged us to take four little kittens that were slated to be euthanized the following Monday. (We were there on Saturday).  I could not let these tiny scared babies get put to sleep just because some shelter official deemed them “feral” when they were scared, and one was injured.  This is how we ended up with Rikki, TikkiTavi, and Dally.  We lost Rikki and Dally in 2012, but Tikki and Tavi are still with us.  They are house pets, not Commune Cats, but as with some of the others, we do love to show them off!

Tavi is a beautiful tuxie boy who rules the outdoor enclosure.  He loves to come in and sleep on the bed at night, but during the day the enclosure belongs to him. He is quite timid of people except Matt and Mimi, and is not often seen by visitors except at a distance. He takes his tuxedo to heart though and is quite the Lothario. It is extremely common to see Tavi cuddling up to one female cat or another looking for attention. Somehow he must have become Agent 009 – Cat, Tavi Cat – following in the romantic footsteps of James Bond! (and yes, he was fixed as a kitten :P) 


NICKNAMES: Tavi Tippytoes, Taviman
DATE OF BIRTH: 4-8-2007
PERSONALITY: Ladies' man, affectionate on his terms
QUIRKS & HABITS: Loves the outdoors, the cat enclosure is his preferred territory, though he loves to sleep in the bed at night. He snuggles up to any available cat for cuddles.
GOTCHA DATE: 6-9-2007

Note: Tavi is not available for sponsorship.