Smudge is one of many kittens that just showed up in our yard - likely from a neighbor cat that was unspayed at the time.  We have made every effort to catch and spay or neuter all unaltered cats in our area, but it is an ongoing challenge. We attempted to place Smudge in adoptive homes a couple of times as a kitten but none worked out, so she is still here. She is sweet but cautious of people until she gets to know you.  She is easily intimidated by domineering cats, but has commandeered her own basket in a high value location in the house.  Her perfect home will come along one day, but until then, she remains here at the Commune enjoying the good life!  


DATE OF BIRTH: 7-31-2015
PERSONALITY: Sweet but cautious
QUIRKS & HABITS: Self appointed volunteer manager, gives Julia directions constantly.
GOTCHA DATE: 9-25-2015