River was found in 2014 as a tiny kitten wandering towards a busy street with no mama or littermates in sight.  The good Samaritan who found her took her to multiple vet clinics looking for someone to take her.  She was unable to keep her due to a kitty at home with a terminal disease.  Mimi saw her and took her in. Something about her just spoke to both of us, and she is still here.  We kept her as a pet, as opposed to a Commune cat, but she is just gorgeous, and we love to show all the kitties off! She is super friendly and loves to play outside.  It is so cool to look at her baby pictures and see how much her color changed as she grew! She is such a joy in our lives! 


DATE OF BIRTH:  8-30-2014
PERSONALITY:  Sweet, Friendly
GOTCHA DATE:  10-11-2014