Pickles came to us with the beautiful name of Phoebe.  We loved the name but it just didn't stick with us.  It morphed into Phoebe Pickle Butt, and eventually just into Pickles! Pickles was found on the Texas A&M campus running with a feral colony, but so obviously not feral that she was picked up by a wonderful woman. Her finder had full intentions on keeping her, but Pickles has Manx syndrome and can not always feel when she has to have a bowel movement, so she is intermittently fecal incontinent. Her finder tried to regulate Pickles with various medical treatments with little success and finally decided that she could not provide the best environment for a girl like this. She reached out to us and after losing Jasmine and rehoming Violet, Mimi's heart said yes. Pickles has virtually no tail and her rear legs are noticeably longer than her front, both indicative of true Manx heritage and all the problems that can come with it. We have her in a playpen without a diaper part of the day, outside in the enclosure "naked" part of the day and diapered with us in the evening. We need to get her some Fancy Pants (a home business that makes diapers designed just for cats) but we just have not ordered them yet. We estimate her birthday to be early 2016. The hard part is that Manx syndrome can get worse as they grow, so we will see. The fact that she has full mobility is a good sign though. Acupuncture is on her planned list of treatments, though for the moment we seem to have things under control. 

Pickles is a real love bug , demanding cuddle time every night! She also demands her outside time and gets quite vocal if she can't go out due to rain! She's adorable in every way and we are already in love!


NICKNAMES: Pickley Butt
DATE OF BIRTH:  02-01-2016
PERSONALITY:  Very affectionate, Very vocal
GOTCHA DATE: 07-2016