Noni came to us as part of a three cat rescue.  All three cats were evicted from their home and left behind when their people moved. Neighbors knew us and reached out. Two of the cats were young, healthy, appeared to be siblings, and were placed in an adoptive home almost immediately. Noni was another story.  She appeared older, not in quite as good health, and FIV positive.  Normally FIV positive would not deter us from a placement, but Mimi's gut spoke that right then was not the time, and she listened.  Noni is indeed a senior girl.  If we could find the right placement for her, we would love to see her in a quiet adoptive home where she could get the love and attention she deserves. She can be a bit nippy at times but nothing a cat person couldn't manage.  


DATE OF BIRTH: 7-24-2005
PERSONALITY: Quiet, unobtrusive
QUIRKS & HABITS: Keeps to herself.  Nips when nails need trimming
GOTCHA DATE: 7-24-2015