Matt was out in the cat enclosure one day in December 2015 and called out to Mimi inside that Frosty (a small kitten at the time) had gotten out somehow - as in out of the house and enclosure and into the backyard! Mimi jumped up and ran to the back door and sure enough, there was Frosty! She went out and called her and the kitten came trotting up most of the way, then abruptly turned around and hauled tail away as if scared! Well THAT wasn't normal, so Mimi went back in the house to get some treats. When she did, there was Frosty sitting on the kitchen counter, pretty as you please. Thoroughly baffled now, Mimi went back outside and there was the other kitten...only it did not have little white feet! Aha! So we have a stranger kitten! Several treat attempts with no success and it was decided that a trap was the best option. She wanted to come up, but just not quite!

Matt set a trap that night.  The next morning he let a very insulted opossum out. The next night he set it again, and the next morning the same opossum was waiting patiently again.  This went on for a week or more. Either the trap was empty or one of our resident opossums was in it. We saw the little kitten around frequently enough though.  Christmas Eve rolled around and when Matt went to feed the cats that evening, he went out to put plates in the big enclosure for the cats who did not want to come in.  The little stinker was there. IN THE ENCLOSURE! She finally decided to just trap herself! 

Since then she has become a fixture in the enclosure.  She sleeps inside but is still very timid of the people.  She will cuddle if the people are lying down, but avoids them otherwise. She has big ears and striking black eyeliner. When she was taken in for her spay at about 6 months of age, she actually had a horrible uterine infection called a pyometra.  If she had been left on her own, she likely would not have survived. 


DATE OF BIRTH: 10-15-2015
QUIRKS & HABITS: Cuddles with people but only when they lie down
GOTCHA DATE: 12-24-2015