I (Mimi) was at home one day when I received a message from my neighbor about an unusual cat in her yard with a photo attached.  The photo showed what appeared to be a Bengal! I immediately went over and captured her using a crate and some wet food then took her to the clinic to scan for a microchip figuring someone has lost a beloved pet! Nope. No chip, and one very wild and terrified cat. We were unable to find owners, so we started the process of vaccinating, spaying, chipping, and socializing.  

We lined up a wonderful Bengal-friendly home and figured we would have it all sorted in a couple of months. Nope. We believe this poor girl had been used as a breeding queen based on the condition of her uterus when we spayed her. My best guess is her contact with people was feeding time, because she knew people brought food, and whenever she was moved for some reason or another.  She is not scared of people in general, just of touch.  She makes eye contact, stays nearby, weaves in and around feet at mealtimes, and even sniffs fingertips, but if you try to push past the tip of her nose, she just leaves at high speed.  Once out of reach, she turns and looks back at you with a betrayed expression. 

So now the Commune has a resident Bengal - Natasha Romanov.  We continue to push her boundaries very slowly, and in return she is teaching us what pure entertainment Bengals are! 


DATE OF BIRTH: 2-23-2013
PERSONALITY: rambunctious, scared of human touch, but not of humans
QUIRKS & HABITS: Allows nose-tip touches only
GOTCHA DATE: 2-23-2016