Mr. Meowgi


Mr. Meowgi was originally found as a 6 week old kitten in a client's yard and brought in to the vet clinic where Mimi works. Almost immediately he was adopted by a former employee who had been looking for a kitten. She took him home and was raising him well, but he began exhibiting unexplained violent behaviors. She reached out to us for advice and followed it to the letter, but the situation did not get any better. When he started attacking children, she knew he could not stay.  We gladly took him in knowing his personality was a sure death sentence in a shelter.

Meowgi is a real handful; he is insanely smart, a superior athlete, and definitely has a hair trigger. We have been able to stop his random attacks entirely, but he still bites aggressively if he is asked to do anything that is not his idea. For instance, if he is cuddled up on one of us, not even asleep, and we need to just shift him a little, he will fold over the offending hand and aggressively bite. He has never punctured, and only rarely drawn blood - usually with grasping nails. Biting means immediate removal from the situation and life goes on. Unfortunately because of this behavior, Meowgi is permanent resident.

The majority of the time Meowgi is busy! He runs everywhere, bounds up and down ALL THE THINGS! He is an expert tree climber, mantel walker, shoulder hugger, and chaser of all things moving. His propensity for jumping from the floor to Matt's shoulder in a single bound - often unexpectedly from behind - means he is the only cat at the Commune that wears a collar.  We need a warning bell!  He is like a Bengal on speed, a source of much laughter and more than a little frustration.  Mimi has grown to love him dearly, as she does all of the misunderstood behavioral babies.  


PERSONALITY: Insane, Busy, Randomly Aggressive, Instigator
QUIRKS & HABITS: Races through any door you open
GOTCHA DATE: 10-27-2016