Moki was part of a litter of foster kittens back when Matt and Mimi fostered for another group. Moki was always very timid, but got adopted by a young couple who seemed to be a perfect fit. Several months later, the rescue group got a call from a local "shelter" (read: high-kill) that tracked her back to the group through her microchip. She had been owner-released due to pregnancy. The group called me and we agreed immediately to take her back on the condition that we got to keep her. She was always timid and we were breaking with this group and did not want to put her through any more trauma. Mimi went to pick her up and came home with her, and Rikki, Tikki, Tavi, and Dally as well (see Tikki and Tavi for stories - Rikki and Dally have crossed the bridge). Moki was terrified, but eventually came around when she realized where she was.  She is still one of the more elusive cats for strangers to see, but she sleeps by Mimi every night and spends evenings at her feet. 


NICKNAMES: Moki-Maru, Dustbunny (only to Julia)
DATE OF BIRTH: 8-28-2006
PERSONALITY: Timid, a bit neurotic
QUIRKS & HABITS: runs through any door Mimi opens
GOTCHA DATE: The first time: 10-5-2006, The second time: 6-9-2007