Lumiere was one of a batch of kittens that the Commune took in less than a week after Aries was found. At only a few weeks old they were slated to be put to sleep at Harris County due to a lack of space. There were 4 total. Eventually 2 were adopted – Sooty and Flame; Lumiere and Ash stayed at the Commune. Lumiere and Matt have formed a very special bond and snuggle constantly. When Lumiere and his siblings were first brought to the Commune they lived in a kitten cage. Each time Matt went to feed them Lumiere would scale the sides of the cage and attempt to leap onto Matt. Eventually Matt picked him up and the rest is history. He and Matt bonded like no other. He is officially a pet and not a Commune cat but like the others, he is a part of our lives and so we want to share him with you all. He is a very playful boy and engages in chase play with Natasha (the Bengal), Ash, Calvin, Aries and several other cats. His coat is very fine and his tail is extremely fluffy. He requires regular brushing to remove twigs and leaves from his belly and tail. Lumiere likes to sleep on Matt’s chest when he is sitting in front of his computer. He goes completely limp and will flop unceremoniously if Matt moves his arms.


PERSONALITYCuddly, cuddly, cuddly, thief
QUIRKS & HABITSFlops over in Matt's arms every night completely relaxed asleep, Licks Matt's nose forcibly - pulling Matt's face down if he pulls away, French fry thief, Pill bottle thief, steals pretty much anything.
GOTCHA DATE8-28-2015

Note: Lumiere is not available for sponsorship.