Lightning and her brother Thunder were trapped as stray borderline feral kittens and brought into the clinic to be adopted out. They were difficult to manage even after several weeks of socializing by the clinic staff, so they came to the Commune. Lightning in particular had issues adapting to humans. She accepts us fairly well here at the Commune, but she is not the cuddliest girl. We can handle her, but oh my if we have to medicate her – LOOK OUT! Even with all our years of skill, she ranks up there as one of the most difficult cats to medicate we have ever dealt with. She is happy here though, and just gorgeous!


NICKNAMESNo nicknames, though we accidentally call her Domino pretty often after another gorgeous tuxie girl who used to live here!
DATE OF BIRTH: 4-15-2015
PERSONALITYPlayful but a bit standoffish from the people