Julian is a personal pet, and not technically a Commune cat, but he does live here and we so love to show him off! Julian is one of the most photogenic cats here at the Commune. He came to us as one of a litter of 3 tabby boys back when we fostered for another group. A good friend adopted the other two (Puck and Hunter), and Julian became our first official foster failure! He has been a character from day one – even getting his 15 minutes of fame in 2 shots in the I Can Haz Cheezburger book! He absolutely adores Matt and is determined that he will adore him even more once Matt has a pierced right nipple (Julian continually volunteers for the task of piercing!) He is a thief and a scoundrel and a general all-around character! He is the reigning boss of the Commune, and rarely has to prove that to anyone else, though he will step up if they step out of line. He loves nothing more than snuggling on Matt’s chest – even with Matt holding his paws to prevent the aforementioned piercing! Visually he is not a striking cat until the photos come out, then his true colors shine. Julian does not suffer from any major illness or behavior problem. He joined us well before we put into words what we wanted to do. His personality is huge, and he fills this house and our hearts with immeasurable joy. He is Commune Volunteer Julia's arch-nemesis.


NICKNAMESThief, Butthead
DATE OF BIRTH2-14-2007
PERSONALITYHyper-intelligent, Sneaky, King of the hill, Loves the people
QUIRKS & HABITSLoves to run out the back door just to yell at us that he is loose, master thief - steals all sorts of things, has to be wherever Matt is
GOTCHA DATE3-24-2007

Note: Julian is not available for sponsorship.