Jinx was found and trapped in Old Town Spring, a local shopping area with a terrible feral cat problem. He is not really suited for TNR due to his extremely social personality, so we have him while we attempt to find him a home. Jinx is another all black cat with a ton of personality. He is not a large cat but his personality makes up for it. Jinx is not shy around people and especially friendly if they have food. He even likes peanut butter. He tends to follow the other cats around in Matt’s office and just watch them. He rarely strikes out or attacks but does like to just follow them around, much like that annoying younger sibling so many people have had. In Matt’s mind he is just walking along saying “I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you”. Jinx is very playful and loves to run around on the catification in Matt’s office. He is very vocal at all times. He chirps and trills, meows and mewls. He has a range of sounds that hasn’t been heard at the Commune since Copper passed. Jinx is available for adoption. If you are interested, please contact us on Facebook or via email.


DATE OF BIRTH: 2-28-2015
PERSONALITYPushy, chatty, playful instigator
QUIRKS & HABITSDoes not like to be picked up, but loves to be petted, He nibbles on people but not aggressively. He follows other cats around the room and will randomly reach out and smack them in the behind to start trouble - still not aggressively. Wanders around chatting incessantly.
GOTCHA DATE: 5-7-2016