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Jason arrived on May 13, 2019 after a 2 week stay at a vet in College Station. Many thanks to BCS Spay for reaching out to us about his case. Jason is front declawed and was an indoor/outdoor cat in his former home. His owners brought him in to the vet paralyzed in his rear legs from unknown trauma. Tests showed no bone breakage, but a severely bruised abdomen and bladder.

Final result is that Jason is paraplegic with no bowel or bladder control. He needs to have his bladder expressed (manually squeezed like a water balloon) to eliminate urine from his body. Same with stool. His former owners were unable to deal with that situation so it was a sanctuary or euthanasia. Now he is here!

Unfortunately his injury caused enough nerve damage in his spine that he also has severe hyperesthesia. That means he has terrible pain in the back half of his body. When he got to us, even touching the hair on his lower back would cause a growling, snapping reaction from this otherwise sweet cat. Bladder expression caused such horrific pain that we decided to take another approach.

Jason is seeing an acupuncturist twice a week to reduce the hyperesthesia in the hopes that we can make bladder expression more comfortable. It is definitely working. We can pet him all the way down his spine now! In the meantime, he has a urinary catheter in place that gets changed every week or so, as long as nothing requires us to do it sooner. Fortunately, despite the hyperesthesia elsewhere, Jason has zero feeling “down there,” so the catheters don’t bother him at all. His care is time intensive and very expensive, but just look at that face!

Jason is a very quiet, sweet boy. He is confined to a cage at all times right now because of his catheter but I am so looking forward to the day when he can scoot freely around the house like Aries!


DATE OF BIRTH: ?May 13, 2013
PERSONALITY: Sweet and Quiet
GOTCHA DATE: May 13, 2019