Ivy was found flying solo in a garage at approximately 2-3 weeks of age. We do not know why she was alone, but her mamma didn’t return in what the finder felt was a reasonable time. Knowing we did rescue, and not knowing what to do with a kitten with eyes barely open, she called us and I went and got her. At the time we thought she was a he (always hard to judge on the tiny ones) and I would sing my own version of Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons as a sort of kitty lullabye. We tested the name Schmitty from a conversation at my clinic, and also Remy, which almost stuck. As he matured, we realized why none of those masculine names stuck! He was a she! Her name is now Ivy. In her kittenhood she spent many hours on the highway traveling with us since she couldn’t be left alone. Ivy as an adult sleeps in some of the most adorable positions, is addicted to Sonic ice, and has a bit of a biting habit. She is the biggest troublemaker in the house as far as the people are concerned, but she has a wonderfully HUGE personality!


PERSONALITYNosy, pushy, bossy, domineering, playful, cuddly with the people
QUIRKS & HABITSInsanely addicted to Sonic ice, Grooms the people, Sleeps in the most adorable positions
GOTCHA DATE3-14-2013