Shortly after moving to Houston, we found a little black female cat wandering a parking lot. She turned out to be pregnant, and Gandalf is one of the litter of 5 that she had (she and all the kittens have been altered by now!). Gandalf was diagnosed early on with the worst heart murmur my vets have ever heard. You can literally SEE his heart flutter in his chest and feel it when you hold him. His prognosis was (and still is) guarded at best. There was some concern about whether he would survive to adulthood, but we passed that milestone! He is currently holding the title of Class Clown here at the Commune! He LOVES to play! He is outgoing and happy and very social. He runs and plays like crazy, racing up and down the cat ledges with joy and abandon. (I will try to get a video or two.) He tires easily, and often stops and pants a bit to catch his breath, but so far has had no further complications.

When we have financially recovered from the veterinary hell that was 2012, we want to have a cardiac ultrasound performed on him so we can see what type of murmur he has. We are fortunate to have a wonderful vet where Mimi works who will do this at a discounted employee rates. I am sure it won’t change how we let him live his life, but it could give us more precise information on what signs he is likely to present in case of emergency. Sweet Gandalf has no idea that anything is wrong with him, and we sure aren’t telling! He just knows he gets to play and be loved, and even gets to clean up all the wet food plates at the end of the evening feeding! He is spoiled rotten, as all kitties deserve to be.

Update 2014 – We have decided to forego the cardiac ultrasound. Gandalf had an incident recently that prompted us to try to take him to the vet. He has not been since his neuter (we update vaccines with a vet here at the house). He panicked so horribly in the car that by the time Matt got to the end of the street, he was worried about causing a heart attack. It is not worth that risk for a diagnosis that likely would not change what we do currently. He is here at home, safe and happy, and that is all that matters!

One silly thing to note – Gandalf is a stunning grey and white tuxedo, and he really does not like the two black and white tuxedo boys – I guess he thinks their classic style is just too old fashioned for him! LOL


DATE OF BIRTH5-21-2011
PERSONALITYLoud, bossy, rambunctious, playful, affectionate, exuberant, joyful
(Matt says "he doesn't *have* personality, he *IS* personality)
QUIRKS & HABITSFlops on his side and stretches to full length for petting, yells at Matt at dinnertime until he gets his plate, he is self-entertaining and will play with toys ceaselessly
GOTCHA DATE5-21-2011