One night Mimi received a message from a coworker who also worked at an emergency clinic.  A Good Samaritan had found a kitten nearly dead in a puddle of water and while that person had no money, they could not just walk past.  The clinic was not willing to keep her but would help her if she had a place to go.  Enter the Commune. Her temperature literally would not read on the thermometer, so almost dead was not an exaggeration.  She had a trauma of some sort to her right hip, but she recovered well and was in our hands within 48 hours.  Frosty has a look about her that Matt says looks like she has "seen the other side."  She has chronic recurring chest congestion.  She is a super sweet girl and we are so grateful to her finder and to the team that made sure she survived.  


DATE OF BIRTH: 8-23-2015
PERSONALITY: Sweet and loving
GOTCHA DATE: 10-28-2015

Dianne Robison