Nine PM on a Tuesday evening, we heard a knock on our front door. Matt went to answer it, listened, closed the door and said “it’s for you.” When I opened the door I was met by a neighbor, her little daughter, and this tiny orange face peeking at me from a cardboard box. They had found her in the street all alone, and had no idea what to do with her. One glance and of course we took her in. She had a nasty fungus covering the last inch of her tail, and a patch on her abdomen, but otherwise appeared healthy. We estimated her age at 3 weeks at the time and bottle fed her until she was ready to graduate to a plate. She quickly became known as Fiona Glenanne for her feisty personality. Copper bonded with her very quickly as a kitten, and they spent many hours snuggled together on my desk. She has a condition called feline hyperesthesia that causes such severe discomfort that as a kitten, Fiona often bloodied her own tail during an episode, and often attacked anyone who happened to be in the area. As she got older, the episodes increased in frequency and severity until we finally put her on a twice daily medication to ease her symptoms. We still have to be very careful and especially vigilant at observing her posture and expressions. She loves people but only allows petting on or around her face. Any sort of restraint causes such a level of discomfort that she lashes out aggressively. Stress exacerbates her condition but Fi has developed her own coping mechanism. Anytime she is startled or often after episodes of her condition, she comes and demands to sit on my chest. She then wraps her paws around my neck and nuzzles her nose in, kneading rather aggressively. She has been known to break the skin on either side of my neck, but it is so worth it to know I can offer her that comfort. Fi is an avid tree climber, plays fetch, and loves to ride around on Matt’s shoulders. She is one of our strongest personalities and a real joy in our lives.


DATE OF BIRTH: 7-1-2010
PERSONALITYFriendly, talkative, playful
QUIRKS & HABITSLoves shoulder rides, Polices the other cats when they act up, knows when she needs her meds and asks for them
GOTCHA DATE: 7-20-2010

Dani Owenby