Dot is one of the only litter ever born here at the Commune to mama 3D – along with brothers Wakko and Yakko (named along with for the Warner siblings) and brothers Gandalf and Yeti. Wakko, Yakko, and Dot are all solid black, and being in a new city with no connections at the time, we decided not to fight the fight of getting them adopted. Then some major LIFE happened and their socialization fell by the wayside, so they are somewhat “fringe” kitties here. Dot and Wakko live in Matt’s office and get people interaction every day. Dot loves to have her neck scritched. She is a bit skittish and easily spooked. They are happy and healthy and not entirely anti-social, just not as social as the rest of the kittens we raise. We still love them just the same though!


DATE OF BIRTH5-21-2011
PERSONALITYTimid, Chatty when you pay attention to her, Tentative about petting
QUIRKS & HABITSRolls over on her head when petted
GOTCHA DATE5-21-2011