Dasher was a little kitten living behind a house with 2 sisters and a mama.  One sister was captured and brought in near death to the clinic.  She was cold and severely anemic from fleas and intestinal worms.  When we found out there were two more kittens we advised the owners that they needed flea treatment immediately or they would likely die also.  Several days later while we were still treating the initial patient, the family told me (Mimi) that the other two were getting more sick, and that they had done nothing about the fleas. I went after work and caught them and brought them to the Commune.  They were so anemic their gums were almost white. Dasher was worse off than his sister.  I washed so many fleas off that the water turned orange from flea waste. I treated them for fleas and intestinal parasites and then just made sure they were well fed with high protein foods and that they were slowly regaining color and staying warm.  Dasher recovered well and became fairly social with us though he tends to hide from other people quite a bit. He fought many illnesses as a kitten but survived and is doing well at this time. He is pretty goofy and not your typical cunning cat.  Well, maybe that’s putting too great of a shine on things.  He’s just not bright. He is very pretty though, and quite a riot to watch!  


DATE OF BIRTH: 8-10-2015
PERSONALITY: Timid but sweet, goofy
GOTCHA DATE: 11-28-2015