This beautiful boy is Crane (as in Ichabod, thanks for the name Toni Jo!). He is a young adult, neutered male that started hanging around our clinic about the same time a box of kittens was abandoned at our clinic front door. Mimi would see him every couple of days - darting under a fence or hiding around a corner. He gradually became braver and started spending his days under one of the doctor's vehicles. She started feeding him and within 5 days he was running to her whenever she called him. She just scooped him up one day, took him in the clinic, vetted him, and brought him home to the Commune. He very obviously belonged to someone. We don't know if he was abandoned or just lost. He is very social with people, affectionate, and already neutered. We tried, but were unable to find his former home. He is a very tall but slender in build guy. He reminds us acutely of 3 of the cats we lost in the hell of 2012. His coloring is very like our Dally-Man was. His face structure and little brown face accents are very like Scarlett, and his slenderness and sweet disposition are very like our little Rikki. Mimi just adores him. He is timid of the other cats and chooses to live in the master bathroom, though he comes out usually at least once a day, and sometimes overnight to sleep on Mimi's pillow. He is a tree cat and prefers to spend all his time up high on the cat walks if possible.  He used to have a best friend here - a cichlid in our fish tank that eventually died.  They would play tag.  It was adorable! He has no major health issues, and we would likely place him in the perfect home if it came along.  


NICKNAMESCray-cray, Cranium
DATE OF BIRTH: 2-14-2011
PERSONALITYTimid, skittish, sweet
QUIRKS & HABITSHe is a tree cat - sticking to high places, he loves Mimi, and tolerates Matt, His best friend for the longest time was a fish
GOTCHA DATE: 10-22-2013