China is a very special girl. She is a pet as opposed to a Commune Cat, but we are posting her here just to show her off! China was found by a good Samaritan back in 2006 and Mimi saw her posted on an old forum she used to follow. We agreed to take her in and planned to put her through the rescue group we were working with at the time. When Mimi went to pick her up, she took her out of the box the finder had and the kitten licked her once on the end of the nose. That’s all it took. China belonged here. She is the unquestioned social coordinator of the house. She greets all human visitors, supervises all construction work, and makes sure any visiting family feels welcome. When Mimi’s soul mate Copper crossed the bridge in early 2016, China took it upon herself to make sure Mimi has not been left alone. She is beautiful and sweet and affectionate, and a sheer joy to have in our household – unless you are a short haired black cat. For some reason, China and the solid black cats do not get along. Any of them. It’s the strangest thing. She will chase Wakko, Yakko, Dot, or 3D. Thunder chases her. She and Robin just keep their distance. Black and white cats – no problem. Just short-haired solid black cats. Gender doesn’t matter. Age doesn’t matter. It’s quite baffling.


DATE OF BIRTH: 5-1-2006
PERSONALITYOutgoing, bossy, extremely friendly, cuddly, sweet, pesky
QUIRKS & HABITSGreets all visitors - she is the Commune Ambassador. Loves to pat Mimi in the face to get attention, Will hook a single claw into your shirt and pull on it repeatedly to get attention, Loves to hang her paws and face over the edge of things. Sleeps on Mimi's side with her paws and face hooked over Mimi's arm.
GOTCHA DATE: 6-26-2006

Note: China is not available for sponsorship.