Sisters Blaze and Goldie came to us when their owners simply decided they did not want them any longer because they were moving.  They were not cat people and had “done everything for these cats” from buying them a scratching post to an automated litter box and automated food and water dishes. I attempted to ease the way so the cats could stay in their home, but that was not happening. Next I attempted to find another home for them before the owner moved. That didn’t work due to their very timid personalities. Finally I just gave in and took them home.  They live in Matt’s office.  We would love to place them in a home together where someone would work with them and coax them out of their shells.  They are beautiful tortie girls who just have never been in a home that understood cats. They can live here until a better place comes along.  


DATE OF BIRTH: 1-11-2012
GOTCHA DATE: 8-21-2015