Banshee came to us as one of a litter of 5 orphaned kittens in August of 2014. Their mama had been killed by a dog, and the babies were only a few days old. We already had 2 baby kittens at the time – Sherlock and Watson, so what was 5 more, right? The other 4 from this litter all eventually got adopted. Banshee stayed. In his kittenhood, he suffered a trauma that made me decide I did not want to let him go, even though I am sure he would have been fine. We are not 100% sure what happened, but we believe the dog scared him and he turned and ran into the wall or the cabinets in the kitchen. Regardless, he quite literally broke his face. He had air leaking through a crack in his sinus cavity and forming a large air bubble under the skin on his head. I was probably more traumatized than he was, but there you have it. He grew to be a very large cat – tall, not fat – but not a very bright boy. He is such a handsome tabby! He is extremely affectionate, especially with me (Mimi). He makes little needle biscuits and drools all over my arm while I pet him. Sweet, silly boy!


NICKNAMESBanshee Butt, Bubblehead
DATE OF BIRTH: 7-23-2014
PERSONALITYSilly, Clumsy, Sweet, Affectionate
QUIRKS & HABITSDrools like a faucet when he is happy!
GOTCHA DATE: 8-3-2014

Michelle Ford