Autumn is a very special girl. She is a pet as opposed to a Commune Cat, but we are posting her here just to show her off! She was abandoned by her mama when she was about 3 weeks old. Her eyes were sealed shut with infection, and she was nearly dead. Overnight feedings, antibiotics, and lots of love later, she quickly became an integral part of the household! She is Matt’s special girl. She is tiny – 7 pounds at her heaviest, with the tiniest little white feet. She is insanely picky about her food. When we started switching to more natural foods, she refused to switch. She will only eat Science Diet Savory Seafood ages 1-6 at room temperature. It cannot be warmed after refrigeration. It cannot be on a paper plate. It cannot be “indoor” formula or “hairball” formula. We have literally offered her every other cat food that we have brought into the house (and that is a LOT of different foods) and she refuses each and every one! She is not as picky about dry food, so she at least eats that in a quality food. Still, wet food is better than dry, so she gets her Science Diet!


DATE OF BIRTH: 5-28-2005
PERSONALITY: Aloof, finicky, inquisitive, adores Matt, (don't they all?!), demanding when she wants to be petted.
QUIRKS & HABITS: Sleeps in the laundry room during the day, drinks from the kitchen faucet - even with fountains all over the house, see story for food habit, will jump to Matt's shoulder from the counter and curl up, kneads with her back feet, will only sleep on Matt's thigh at night.
GOTCHA DATE: 6-26-2005

Note: Autumn is not available for sponsorship.