Ash was one of a batch of kittens that the Commune took in less than a week after Aries was found. At only a few weeks old they were slated to be put to sleep at Harris County due to a lack of space. There were 4 total. Eventually 2 were adopted – Sooty and Flame; Lumiere and Ash remained at the Commune. Ash stayed at the Commune due to some very strange issues with his front feet as a kitten. His front legs were bowed out and his paws did not work correctly. We massaged and corrected his feet on a daily basis and eventually they began to hold their correct form and he is now much better. Occasionally he has a limp if he jumps down and lands poorly but a quick massage and some petting and he is much better. We know he will have recurring issues in his front feet, including early arthritis. Ash is extremely affectionate and likes to drape himself over Matt’s shoulder when he is sleeping on his side. He also likes to bathe his humans regularly. He has the sweetest high pitched meows and has grown into a beautiful cat.


PERSONALITYLovable, Goofy, Domineering to other cats
QUIRKS & HABITS: Climbs your leg for attention
GOTCHA DATE8-28-2015