Angel and her siblings Robin and Jack were living in a storm drain at the intersection of two busy 4 lane roads. Matt saw one kitten on his way home one day and a second the next day. Off we went with a crate and some Fancy Feast stinky food to see if we could catch them. Turned out to be 3 of them, and we were dumb enough to only bring one crate! We could not coax more than one at a time into our homemade trap, so we ended up catching them one at a time. I had the brilliant idea to turn them loose in the back of my SUV while we caught the others. Yeah, not my best thought, but I just wanted them off the street before they got hit. Long story short, Jack and Robin spent the night IN THE DASH of my SUV while Angel rested comfortably in a kitty condo in the house.They were old enough to be difficult to socialize at the time so we set out to convince them life wasn’t that scary. We were ultimately successful with Angel and Jack, Robin still bounces to the beat of his own drummer though. Their fear made them difficult to place, though I tried a couple of times.  Eventually we decided to just let them stay.  Good thing too.  Jack has major health issues and Robin has two feet on the feral side of the fence.  Angel is a sweet girl though she does have asthma like her brother Jack and she does have a bit of an attitude with the other kitties.  She is very vocal and very demanding with her affection, giving hard love nips whenever she is in our laps and we are not petting to her satisfaction.


DATE OF BIRTH: 6-4-2008
PERSONALITYSweet to people, grumpy to other cats
QUIRKS & HABITSLove bites hard if not petted enough, Tells you all about how she is not getting petted right
GOTCHA DATE: 10-16-2008