Copper's Cat Commune is named in loving memory of Copper "Bubba", Mimi's long time companion and soul kitty.

Copper's Cat Commune is named in loving memory of Copper "Bubba", Mimi's long time companion and soul kitty.

Tucked away in the piney woods of southeast Texas, Copper's Cat Commune is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cat sanctuary dedicated to the lifetime care of a limited population of ill, disabled, immune compromised, senior, or otherwise adoption challenged cats. Outside of the sanctuary we promote Trap Neuter Return (TNR) as the most humane and effective method of managing community cat populations. Additionally, we provide information and resources on TNR, spay/neuter programs, and feline behavior to help more cats stay in their original homes.

Matt and Mimi Baker head up the insanity that is living with 80+ cats. With a strong support team helping with everything from scooping boxes to building enclosures, website work and graphic design, they manage to keep all the cat plates spinning. Mimi is a trained veterinary technician, feline behaviorist, and certified pet nutritionist. She also works at a local natural pet food store. Her connections provide many cost benefits to the Commune. Matt was in IT with a lot of telecommuting, but he now works full-time alongside Mimi. While Mimi, Matt and the rest of the team keep the Commune running day to day the success of our mission depends on the support of our passionate community of cat enthusiasts and donors. Please consider sponsoring one of our residents or making a one time donation to the Commune.

While all our cats enjoy the luxury of a safe indoor life, they also have access to enclosed outdoor areas where they can enjoy watching the birds, sunbathing, and bug hunting. We are constantly changing and adapting to suit the needs of our population. All outdoor cat photos on the site are shot in safe, enclosed areas unless otherwise specified - such as TNR colonies.

Please join us here and on our Facebook Page to share in our joys and laughter!

All Commune photography by CopperCat Studios - aka Mimi Baker of the Commune. :)